What are the advantages of enhanced Transportation system in India?


What are the advantages of enhanced Transportation system in India?

A. Economic Benefits

(i)Better Production in both Agriculture and Industrial Sectors:

Transport system has helped in the growth in industrial and agricultural production. It has been transporting raw materials and labour to the places of production and by carrying the products produced by these sectors to different parts of the country and other countries of the world.


(ii)Reduction in Cost of Production:

The transportation network reduces the cost of manufactured goods and lowers the price in the markets.

(iii) Reduction in Scarcity:

It helps in solving the problem of scarcity of goods and factors in different regions of the country.


(iv) Growth in Foreign Trade:

It helps in promoting foreign trade of the country. A country’s exports/imports cannot develop without good ports, shipping and cargo facilities. Thus, transportation system makes a network for transactions among different regions as well as with other countries.

(v)Specialization of Labour and Mobilization of Resources:

By the efficient and effective transportation system, the benefits of specialization of labour and proper mobilization can be achieved. Thus, an economic system makes the best use of resources through good transport system.


(vi)Promotion of Tourism:

An ideal transportation promotes tourism system or services all over the country.

(vii)Expands the Market:

Markets for both industrial and agricultural produce expand both on the domestic and international front with the expansion of transport network. For example, through the expansion of road, rail and water transport, it got good success making links between different parts of the country and with other countries of the world.

B. Social Benefits

(i) More Employment Opportunities:


Transport helps to create employment opportunities and thus, it provides employment through helping mobility of workers. About 18 lakhs people are employed in Indian railways. In the same way, lakhs of people are employed in roadways, shipping and air transport.

(ii) Educational Expansion:

Developed means of transport helps in the expansion of education even in remote areas of the country. It provides mobility to teachers, students and teaching aids. Means of transport are the source of advertisement also. In this way, they also help in expanding education.


(iii) Social and Cultural Spirit:

Means of transport brings together persons living at different corners of the country. They exchange their views. They have the common problems, because of their living together. Consequently social and cultural unity emerges. Thus, developed means of transportation are also responsible for international brotherhood.

(iv) Higher Standard of Living:

Transportation has reduced distance. As a result, we enjoy the position to use various varieties of things produced in different corners of the world. These standard commodities increase our standard of living which depends upon goods and services, we consume.

(v)Relationship between Villages and Cities:

Means of transport has reduced distance between villages and cities. Men and materials move from villages to cities and from cities to villages. Villagers can now avail of the employment opportunities available in cities. Villages, in close contact of cities develop faster.

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