Morality and Ethics are inter-related to each other in the sense that both are concerned with the behaviour of man. Although many times both are interpreted as synonymous to the other, they are different in their meaning and scope, and thus need to be explained separately.

They also need to be applied differently in the day-to-day practices of man. Furthermore, their application in individual and public life remains separate: Simultaneously, as per the demand it is the subject of time and space; it is a subject of wide discussion and minute analysis.

When we talk of a lack of morality and ethics in public, this generally refers to the dishonesty in the economic affairs of those who are in various walks of public life. To put it simply, it is corruption, which is an international problem. It is of course, a serious problem. Along with Asia, it is also in Europe and America. It exists in Africa as well as the Continent of Australia. This we can peruse and understand from the grafts which were sought in preceding years.

Moreover, the role of all of us, the people, to establish morality and ethics in public life is most important as we are the makers of our own kings of democracy. We elect our own representatives.


We have all the power in our hands. Therefore, our awakening in the matter is of utmost importance. It is the time we must come forward. We must unite and sacrifice-as sacrifice is a must, especially along Gandhian lines-and with introspection individually and collectively make our [political] body, society and the nation free of this evil or curse.