This space centre was attributed to Dr. S. Vikram Sarabhai for his achievements in satellite technology. This space centre was established in 1970, in Trivandrum with Prof. V.R. Rao as its head.

The inadequate facility available in space centre enforced India, to seek foreign assistance. On May 10, 1972, India signed an agreement with Soviet Union for help to build its own satellite and launch it from Soviet cosmodrome.

Indian Scientific Satellite Project (ISSP): It was established at Peenya near Bangalore under the watchful eyes of Prof. V.R. Rao, but the actual working was carried out by Prof. S. Dhawan who took charge of ISRO in 1972. Aryabhatta, the first Indian Satellite, launched on April 19, 1975 was constructed here within a short span of 30 months.

Space Application Centre (SAC): It was established in Ahmedabad at Gujarat. Its goal was to work out various aspects of space application in the fields of meteorology and satellite communication.


Experimental Satellite Communication Earth Station: It is the first satellite communication earth station installed at Arvi near Pune. It costed Rs. 100 million. It works at Intelsat III satellite positioned over Indian Ocean.

Physical Research Laboratory: Situated in Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, “s aim is to help in India’s space programme through operational studies done in Laboratories.