1. A rigid constitution

A rigid constitution is one which cannot be amended in the manner in which ordinary laws can be amended. There is always a special procedure for the amendment.

A flexible constitution can be passed, amended or repealed in the manner in which ordinary laws are passed, amended or repealed. The constitutional and ordinary laws are placed on an equal footing.

2. Merits of Rigid Constitution:


1 .It is stable and permanent.

2. It is clear and definite.

3. It safeguards the rights of the people.

4. People are proud of it.


5. It is suitable for a federation.

3. Demerits:

It cannot adapt itself to the changing social and economic constitutions. It may break but cannot bend.

4. Merits of Flexible Constitution:


It is adaptable to the new demands of the society.

5. Demerits:

1. It is unstable.

2. It is unsuitable for federation.