Points to Remember

1. Dictatorship is one man’s arbitrary rule.

2. In dictatorship only one party is allowed to exist.

3. Leadership of the nation is given to a single man.


4. There is to be only one political party.

5. Individual liberty is conspicuous by its absence.

6. People are made intensely nationalistic.

1. A totalitarian state is established.


8. They believe in racialism.

9. World War II gave a death blow to dictatorship.

Democracy vs Dictatorship:

1. Democracy emphasizes rights; dictatorship emphasis duties.


2. Democracy believes in equality; dictatorship in hierarchy.

3. Democracy lays stress on the individual; dictatorship on the state.

4. Democracy lays stress on the freedom of speech, press and association whereas dictatorship categorically denies these freedoms.

5. Democracy believes in reason; dictatorship in blind obedience.