(a) Public opinion is the opinion held by the majority, and passively acquiesced in by the minority. Public opinion to be real must be inspired by high ideals of social welfare.

It is the opinion of the right minded citizens if it succeeds in winning the support and acceptance of the general body of citizens.

In modern democratic age, public opinion has assumed great importance. All the political parties appear to be engaged in a life and death struggle to keep public opinion in their fevour.

(b) The following conditions are essential for the growth of sound public opinion:


(7) General masses must be educated.

(2) Poverty must be eradicated.

(3) There should be harmony of interests among the people.

(4) The Press must be honest and impartial.


(5) Political parties must be based on sound political and economic principles.

(c) The following agencies mould public opinion :

1. Press.

2. Platform.


3. Broadcasting.

4. Cinema.

5. Educational institutions.

6. Legislatures.


7. Political parties.