Points to Remember

1. Gandhi’s conception of an ideal society is a social structure in which individual may enjoy maximum freedom. In it power of the state is to be reduced to a bare minimum through political and economic decentralization. The state is a dreadful thing. It dwarfs the personality of man and hampers the realization of Truth.

2. Caste-system will be kept alive, people shall follow the ancestral profession. But there will be no difference of wages and status on the basis of profession.

3. Self-control is to be observed. People should reduce their wants and should not possess more than what is needed by them.


4. The rich will not be dispossessed. They will, however, retain their extra wealth as a trust on behalf of society.

5. All individuals shall work with their own hands and satisfy their own needs.

6. Large scale production and machinery shall be made use of only sparingly.



1. The ideal is too good to be practicable.

2. It can be put into practice only by people with a very highly developed moral consciousness.

3. It involves self-denial.