In the past two centuries, development process has been adopted extensively. Actually a lot of harm was done on environment. So natu­rally people started understanding the danger­ous consequences of deteriorating environment. Regarding this, to discuss the issues related to environment and conservation of environment was established in Brazil.

The Earth Summit was established under the UN. In the UN conference on the Environment and Development (Earth Summit), it was clarified that there is a need of change in the prevailing programme and devel­opment of environment, and environment con­servation should always be given importance.

In the Earth Summit, decision was taken to create awareness among people regarding the influ­ences of the deteriorating environment. In this summit importance was put on the problems of the developing countries. By this summit, the environment development programmes were made strong and effective. With the same pur­pose a summit took place in Johannesburg in 2002. The tradition started from the Earth Sum­mit to establish a continuous and permanent en­vironment conservation programme, and long- lasting developmental programme.