The Renaissance was the discovery of the world and of mom


The period before renaissance was a dark age in the history of Europe.

Feudalism and its repercussion on the society had made whole European society a poor state, where political system itself was also highly exploitative.

The spirit of renaissance opposed the superstitious belief in a modest way, revived the old day’s social and moral values and enlightened the European masses by criticising the existing religious dogmatism. The greatest achievement of this age was the spirit of humanism which gave great significance to the life of a common man.


Rationalism and spirit of scientific enquiry also helped man in his moral, social, educational and spiritual enlightenment. Geographical discoveries resulted into Europe’s contact with the eastern civilisation that also helped the growth of science and technology as well as trade and commerce. Development of trade and commerce caused the economic upliftment of the man.

Literature and art had also given great significance to man. Dante’s Divine Comedy and works of Franci’s Becon had brought a significant change in human thinking. Dante’s work expressed that a man get’s enlightenment due to his true devotion and not due to charity.

The paintings of Leonardo and Raphel expressed human feeling and thus man was given supreme significance in the art work. William Shakespeare’s tragedies have their own significance in this regard which have a noble message that it is action which terminates fate into catastrophe and not the fate.

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