The impact of the collapse of the Soviet Union on Indo-Russian relations


Collapse of the Soviet Union severally affected India on a number of fronts such as supply of military spare parts, export of Indian goods and all the cultural contacts between India and Soviet Union broken off. At that time India was looking for a partner who would fulfill her needs.

Russia, at the moment of crisis forwarded the hand of friendship which gave a new phillip to the cooperation between India and Russia. Russia filled the vacuum created by the disintegration of Soviet Union. A number of agreements were signed between two countries in the field of science and technology, nuclear science, defence and in other sectors also. The trouble debt payment was amicably solved between India and Russia.

Now, the relation between two is on the upswing. Each one of them is understanding the complexity of the situation and making moves to defeat every nefarious design. Putin’s visit to India on December 12 and signing of Delhi declaration is testimony of the relation between India and Russia. Now, they are partners in the field of production of Brahmos missile and a number of similar agreements were signed between them in the field of high-tech areas and in joint fight against terrorism.

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