The Consumers Protection Act provides the following rights of consumers:

The Right of Safety:

Products may! Not cause any physical danger to consumers or put them in difficulty due to any reason. Hence, consumers must have assurance regarding quality, Reliability and performance.

For the purpose the right to safety is provided to customers against the marketing of goods which accompanied with man)! Harmful substances like food additives, ‘ food colouring, pesticides which add new potential dangers to life of a human being. Due to advancement of science and technology, consumer products have become highly complex. Therefore, responsibility for their safety should be fixed on producers and distributors.


The Right to Choose:

The consumer is given full right to choose the desired product from among various alternative products. This means that the seller should not use aggressive selling techniques to sell the product to the consumer. There should be freedom for choice.

The Right to Seek Redressal:

It means the right to get claims and complaints settled against manufacturer or seller. The foremost aim of the manufacturer should be to gain the maximum satisfaction of consumers which can only be attained by listening their queries and grievances against the product carefully and solving them with due care.


The Right to be Informed:

The consumer has the right to be informed about the quality, quantity, purity, standard and price of the goods he intends to purchase. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer and distributor to give complete information about the product including its ingredients, date of manufacturing, technical specifications, etc., the precautions if any, to be taken in the use and maintenance of the product, the side effects and risks involved, etc. Such information is useful to the consumer to consumer use the product intelligently and cautiously.

The Right to be heard:

The consumer has a right to make complaints if any to make protest against his right.


For the purpose the consumer has a right to register his dissatisfaction and get his complaint and grievances heard at appropriate forums.

The Right to Consumer Education: The customers must be made aware of his rights and the remedies available to him. This will create consciousness among the customers. An ignorant customer cannot escape cheating and frauds would not be able to come forward to protest against the malpractices by sellers.