Under Art. 315 of the Indian Constitution Union Public Service Commission to be constituted for the recruitment of the civil services at the union level.

The number of members of the Union Public Service communion is determined by the President. Nearly half of the members of the communion have administrative experience, while the other half should come from liberal professions like law, academics etc.

The functions of the UPSC are:

i. To conduct examinations for appointment to the services of the Union and conduct interviews for direct recruitment.


ii. To advise on any matter referred to them and on any matter which the president may refer to the appropriate commission;

iii. To exercise such additional functions as may be provided for by an Act of Parliament regarding the services of the Union and also with respect to the services of any local authority constituted by law; and

iv. It shall be the duty of the Union Public Service Commission if requested by any two or more states, to assist those States in framing and operating schemes of joint recruitment for any service.

Further, UPSC shall be consulted:


i. On all matters relating to methods of
recruitment to Civil service and for Civil Posts.

ii. On the principle to be followed in making promotions and transfers form one service to another

iii. On all disciplinary matters affecting a person serving under the Government of India in a civil capacity including petitions relating to such matters.

iv. On any claim for the award of pension in respect of injuries sustained by a person while serving under the government of India in a civil capacity and on any question as to the amount of any such award.