Everyone realises the importance of securing a high level of National Integration. Without it, the goal of Nation-building cannot be achieved.

The following steps can be suggested for securing a high level of National Integration:

1. State must create conditions essential for promoting secularism. Education system should be made value based by introducing necessary changes in the educational curriculum and by ensuring a healthy secular environment in every educational institution.

2. Full Recognition and acceptance of the existence social-cultural pluralism as the way of life.


3. The recognition of the need for maintaining cordial inter-group relations by all the people.

4. Development, but not imposition, of a uniform model code of conduct capable of motivating and directing social relations.

5. Promotion of faith in the integrity and the moral worth of the individual and a genuine faith in social change as a means of progress.

6. ‘Formation of voluntary organisations across the country like. National Conference for Emotional Integration, Neighbourhood groups, and Cooperatives to encourage a change of behaviour and to develop a favourable climate for social reforms and change.


7. A willingness to assign to educational institutions a role in the study and solution of social problems.

8. Preparing teachers and community leaders to be intellectually and emotionally sensitive to the diagnosis and solution of social problems.

9. The task of developing a Uniform Civil Code as envisaged in Art, 44 of the Directive Principles of State Policy should be handled with care and caution.

10. Steps should be taken to assist and promote non-government social service organisations for securing social awareness and desired social change.


11. To target the youth of the country for instilling in them ‘Indian brotherhood and sense of collective living.

12. Rapid economic development through time bound and planned targets must be ensured by the state.

13. Non Government associations and organisations should be involved vigorouly in the process of creating awareness in favour of secularism, and social justice Organised and widespread movements in favour of women empowerment should be encouraged.

14. The recommendation made by the National Integration Committee are worth consideration: Education is of utmost importance for creating a national outlook. Educational system must be restructured and operationalised as a national system of educating and training the youth of the country. For this purpose the following steps can be undertaken.


(a) Reading material provided to boys and girls in schools and colleges should be properly examined. Model books should be got prepared by the UGC/NCERT.

(b) Communalisation of history books should not be permitted and tolerated.

(c) Cultural academies should be established and made to work for strengthening the movement for unity.

(d) Celebration of all festivals by members of all communities should be encouraged. The growing politics of religious processions should be voluntarily abandoned


(e) Mass media should be used for inculcating a national outlook.

(f) The question of placing a ban on communal parties has been raised from time to time in the country. While it may be open to question whether a ban can be an adequate remedy against communalism or not, no one can ignore the danger being posed by the communal parties. Any communal emphasis on the part of a community in its propaganda, political and other activities creates an immediate, unhealthy and aggressive communal reaction in the minds of the people of other communities, gives rise to various tensions. We have, therefore, to think in terms breaking the vicious circle.

15.Mass media must be actively involved in promoting awareness about the objectives of secularism, social justice and the means by which these objectives can be achieved.

By encouraging meaningful and nationally desired changes in the process of socialisation, attempts should be made to inculcate a sense of national pride and commitment among the children and the youth. The values of religious toleration freedom from superstition, scientific outlook, rational attitude towards authority secularism, democracy and cultural pluralism should be implanted in the minds and actions of young children by the parents, teachers and community leaders.


Use religion and caste in politics should be eliminated and for this the political leaders must behave as truly national leaders. All attempts must be made for empowerment women. Reservation of 33% seats for women can be one remedy, but a better remedy can be the empowerment of non-government social movements in favour of women education and empowerment. Political parties must field more and more women candidates in elections.

Promotion of Social Justice, acceptance of Secularism as the way of civilized living, securing of rapid and sustainable economic development through disciplined hard work, and development of a healthy and competitive work culture must be accepted and practiced as our national agenda.