Statistical information of the abnormal growth of population in India


Statistical information of the abnormal growth of population in India

A. Stable Population Period (1891-1921)

According to Kingslay Davis, “India’s population remained almost stationary since 1800 at around 125 million for about 50 years. The population recorded at the time of 1881 census exceeded the figure for 1921 by 1.47 crore. This increase in population was due to the following reasons.


1. Period from 1891-1901:

During these ten years, population reduced by about 4 lakh persons. It is because of the reason that during these years due to occurrence of famines, plague, and malaria many people lost their lives.

2. Period from 1901-1911:

During this period, population increased by about 158 lakh. The main reason of this increase in population was that due to lack of famines, death rate reduced considerably.


3. Period of 1911-1921:

In the period of 1911-1921, due to occurrence of famines, plague, malaria, population again reduced by about 7 lakh. Influenza in 1918 caused 140 lakh deaths in the country.

B. Fast Growth of Population (1921-1951)

The rate of growth of population was moderate and irregular till 1921. The year of 1921 is known as the year of Great Divide. The rate of population growth fluctuated between 1.0 and 1.35 per cent per annum.


1. Period of 1921-1931:

During the period 1921-1931 population increased by about 276 lakh.

2. Period 1931-41:

The census of 1931 and 1941 recorded an increase of about 28 and 40 per million respectively.


3. Period 1941-1951:

In 1951, total population was recorded to the extent of 361 million i.e. 42 million increase over 1941 year. During the thirty years between 1921-51, the increase amounted to 109 million or an average 3.63 million a year.

C. Population Explosion: 1961 onwards

The year of 1961 is also termed as population explosion year. During the period of ten years, population increased by 781 lakh. The growth rate of population was 21.5%.


1. Period 1951- 61:

During this decade, population increased by 781 lakh.

2. Period 1961-71:

During 1961-71, the population increased by 1090 lakh. The growth rate of population was 24.8%.

3. Period 1971-81:

During the period 1971-81, population increased by 1376 lakh. The growth rate of population was witnessed to be 25%.

4. Period 1981-91:

During this decade population was 84.63 crore.

5. Period 1991-2001:

According to the latest population census of 2001, the population of India increased to 102.70 crore. Growth rate of population during this period was about 1.9 percent per annum.

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