In Maharashtra there is dearth of major irriga­tion projects. Instead there are small irrigation projects. Canals contribute 20.9% of the net irrigated area of the State.

1. Mutha Canal Project-under this project a barrage has been built across the Mutha river (in 1879) at Khadakvasla from which two canals have been taken out. The right bank canal (112 km) irrigates about 45,000 hectares of land in Pune district, while the left bank canal supplies drinking water to Pune and Kirkee.

2. Godavari Canals-these canals (length 200 km) originating from a barrage built across the Godavari river irrigate about 57,000 hectares of land in Ahmadnagar and Nashik districts.

3. Nira Canal-this project consists of a stor­age reservoir formed on the Yelwandi River near Bhatagar and construction of two canals. The left bank canal originates from Nira River at Vir and irrigates 33,400 hectares of area in Solapur and Pune districts. The right bank canal (174 km long) irri­gates 32,850 hectares in Solapur district.


4. Pravara River Canals-A masonry dam 90 metres high was constructed in 1926 across the Pravara river at Bhandardara forming the Arthur Hill lake. Canals along the right (148 km) and left (332 km) banks have been taken out from this reservoir to irrigate 34,000 hectares of land in Ahmadnagar district.

5 Bhima Project Canals-under these project two dams have been built up across Pavana River near Phagari (Pune), and across the Krishna river nearUjjaini (Solapur) which irrigate about 1.62 lakh hectares of land in Pune and Solapur districts.

6. Jaikwadi Project Canals-under this project dams are being built across Godavari and Sindfana rivers to irrigate 2.78 lakh hectares of agricultural land.

7. Kukadi Project Canals-This project in­volves construction of five weirs at Yodgaon Manikdohi, Dimbha, Badaj and Pippalgaon Jog and laying down of 454 km long canals so as to create an irrigation potential of 1.56 lakh hectares.


8. Others-these include Penganga (1.15 lakh hectares), Nalganga (8741 hectares), Varuna (96,058 hectares), Girna (54,000 hectares), Gangapur (33,000 hectares) and Krishna (1.12 lakh hectares) irrigation projects.