Some important facts on THE NORTHERN PLAINS


1. The Northern Plains lie to the south of the Himalayas extending 2,500 km in length from East to West.

2. It consists of two river basins-the Indus and the Ganga-Brahmaputra. It is made up of fertile alluvial soil. These support very dense population.

3. The Northern Plains can be divided into four parts:


(a) The Rajasthan Plains

(b) Indus Plain

(c) Ganga Plain

(d) Brahmaputra Plain


4. The Northern Plains are important because :

(а) They are the largest alluvial plains in the world formed by the deposition of silt by the major rivers of the plain.

(б) The rivers are navigable and have water in them throughout the year (Perennial).

(c) Flat land helps in the construction of roads and railways.


(d) Irrigation facilities have made the plains the largest wheat growing areas.

(e) A number of H.E.P. Projects have been constructed which have helped in irrigation and generation of power.

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