There is more mobility in an industrial society than in an agrarian society for the following reasons.

1. Industrialization leads to changes in the occupational structure so that a large number of middle level occupations come into being such as professionals, white-collar workers and skilled worker together with the decline in the number of manual workers.

2. Along with a change in occupational structure there is a change in the method of recruitment so that merit plays a much greater role for recruitment in an industrial society than in an agrarian society.

3. Industrialization leads to higher standard of living among all sections of the population and it opens many opportunities not open earlier.


4. The system of education loses its inscriptive features so that it can be acquired by all section and this makes the society more based on achievement than earlier.

5. The fertility of the higher sections declines so that they have fewer children to occupy the top level occupations leaving them open to children from the lower section of society.