Short notes on the Trends of Production of petroleum


India contributes about percent of the total crude oil production of the world. The total crude oil production was 2.69 lakh tones in I95l which was hardly sufficient to meet 8 per cent of the country’s demand. With the beginning of oil production in Nahorkatiya region the crude oil production in­creased to 5.13 lakh tones recording a net gain of 90.7% during 1951 -61. Later on with the discovery of oil in the Gujarat region there was 14 times increase in crude oil production during 1961-71.

This enabled country to fulfill 38 per cent of its demands for crude oil. The Bombay High oil field started production in 1976 as a result of which crude oil production rose to 14.93 million tons in 1981 exhibiting a growth rate of 108% over 1971. During 1981-86 the inland crude oil production was dou­bled while offshore oil production was quadrupled reaching its record high of 34.1 million tons in 1989-90 which enabled country to meet 63% of its demand by internal production.

It came down to 33 million tons in the following year (1990-91). Since then there was gradual decline in crude oil production between 1991-94 falling down to 26.95 million tons in 1992-93. Although it reached 34.5 million tons in 1995-96 but the fluctuation is continuing (32.9 million tons in 1996-97 and 33.9 million tons in 2004-05 due to depleting potentials of old fields and lack of new findings.


Trends of Crude Oil Production in India (lakh tones) Years Production Consumption Self

Source: Statistical Abstract India, 2003, p. 73 and Economic Survey, 2005-06

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