Short notes on electrical Lighting Accessories


Following are the electrical accessories for wiring used to hold the appliances in their place and control their function.

(I) Lamp Holders:

Lamp holder is used to hold the lamp require for lighting purpose


(a) Spring/Solid plunger lamp holder.

A lamp holder has either molded or porcelain internal with a solid or spring plunger and easily wire able terminal.

(b) Bynonet Cap lamp holder Pendant holder or cord grip pattern.

(II) Switches:


A Switch is used to make or break the electric circuit. They are used to control the position of the appliance. The switches may be placed either in one of the line or in both the lines. Following are the types of switches.

(a) Surface switches/Tumbler switches.

Which are mounted on the mounting block directly fixed on the surface of the wall?

These are used for wiring circuits which are to be controlled from two points independently.


(b) Flush switches

It is fixed in flush with the wall and it does not project out

(c) Pull or ceiling switches

(d) Grid switches


Used with hand drill, portable grinder.

(e) Architrave Switches

(f) Rotary Snap switches

(IV) Mounting Blocks:


All the surface mounting accessories such as ceiling roses, batten lamp holders, surface switches etc are used in conjunction with wooden mounting block.

(V) Sockets & Plugs

Socket outlets:

The sockets are the outlet for making a temporary connection

1. Pin socket

2. Pin socket

3. Pin socket

4. Pin socket


For tapping power from socket outlets 3 pin plugs are used

(VI) Terminal Block:

Used for termination and connection to the other A single way terminal block is used for differentiating the live line from the neutral

(VII) Appliance Connectors:

Appliance connectors are used to connect electric kettle, electric press, percolator etc.

(VIII) Main Switch:

In order that the consumer may have self control of the electric circuit he must have a main switch.

A main Switch – double poled, combined with fuses

(IX) Splitter Units:

For having a number of circuits from a single supply line a splitter unit is required

(X) Distribution Fuse Board

Factory wired and tested distribution boards are available in the models which are frequently required in Domestic, Industrial & commercial works. These factory wired models are supplied with cable and plug for portable application and/can be equipped with various protection systems.

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