Short essay on the meanings of Child Care


(1) School Environment is the basic factor of the school health:

The school should give a neat and orderly look. It need not have expensive and imposing buildings and other infrastructure. Cleanliness, orderliness, and neatness should be the watch words for developing, health school environ. Central Schools organisation and Central Board of Secondary Education had fixed a land norm of 15 acres which had now been badly compromised due to paucity of land. Open spaces are a must for an open mind.

(2) Cleanliness:


Educate the children about the blessing of clean­liness. The school campus must be cleaned by the staff regularly to give a healthy outlook.

(3) Air & Light:

Air and light are the basic essential of child growth and development especially in these days of all kinds of environmental pollution. Children must have fresh air and adequate natural light to keep them healthy and fit.

(4) Furniture:


School furniture need not to expensive. It should be just of the size that the children feel comfortable. Further, the furniture should be such that is encourages right postures. Right postures are manifestations of healthy child care.

(5) Balanced Diet:

Mid-day meal should be nutritious and palatable, without much of oil and species. These drills should be supervised by the teachers.

(6) Regular Medical Checkup:


The children should be regularly checked up against disease and infection. A proper record in this regard should be maintained.

(7) Time Table:

Time table should be such that it does not cause too much of stress on the children. The subjects that need closer attention should be kept in the earlier periods or immediately after the break.

(8) Systematic talks, lectures, instructions on health education


(9) Health Clubs

(10) Films and Posters

(11) Excursions and Visits to Red Cross Fairs, exhibitions yogic exercise centers, sports meets etc.

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