Short essay on introduction to a healthy eating


The Packed Meal or Sandwich Lunch

It is a common belief that only cooked meals can be wholesome and nutritious; but cold meal can be more nutritious than badly-cooked ones. Sensibly filled sand­wiches, cheese and biscuits, soups, salad, fruit, curds and some desserts are convenient to eat as a working lunch during a short lunch break. It is good to take a break from the office atmosphere and eat in a park or other pleasant surrounding. ‘Open’ sandwiches are appealing and low in calories.

The Salad Lunch (at Home or at a Restaurant)


If you are at home throughout the day, take the trouble and the time to prepare yourself something fresh and attractive to eat. It is easier to control your intake by choosing low energy foods prepared in colorful meals than relying on tit-bits which add upto more calories in the end. Eating out or meeting friends for lunch can make a welcome change in routine.

The Business or Expense Account Lunch

Discussing business over lunch provides a congenial environment and is less strained than working at the office. It is, however, very easy to pack away the day’s whole energy needs in one meal of this kind. Intake of excess alcohol, fat and sugar are to be avoided. Choose foods carefully. If no exercise is taken and this type of meal is frequent it could lead to large weight gains.

The Cafe or Canteen Lunch


Eating in places where food is cooked in bulk for large number of people can supply a rather limited choice of food. It is often cheaper to buy the set meal than to select individual dishes. The vitamin content of such food may be low owing to its having been kept for long periods. It may be also high in calories. Correct this imbalance by eating fresh foods in the evening.

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