About 22,000 times a day and inhales about 16 kg of oxygen. The pollution of air, therefore, may have a profound influence on living organisms.

Unfortunately, an alarming quantity of gases, particulate material, fumes, vapours and smoke is discharged daily into the atmosphere. Some fit settles down or is brought down by precipitation but much of the injurious material stays back in the atmosphere. On global scale the pollutants which account for almost 98% of the total pollution are:

Carbon monoxide 52%

Sculpture dioxide 18%


Hydrocarbons 12%

Particulates 10%

Oxides of nitrogen 6%

Total – 98%


These percentages may vary depending upon the locality and local conditions (Amur, 1986). Though some of these pollutants may be derived from natural sources, human activity is also responsible for the introduction of much of these gaseous wastes into the atmosphere.