Secure Your Country by Securing Life of People



Security is the need of every human being on this earth. Secure the life or protect the life with the help of defensive means should be the purpose of intellectual society on this earth.

Life of the people of any country is the wealth that country has as manpower. There is the threat to the life of people from natural calamities, illness, accidents etc.


How to protect the life of people & by what means we can give them security? As far as the natural calamities are concern there should be a team of people worldwide who can actually study the mood of the nature with the help of advance technology available with them.

The reaction of the nature or atmosphere due to changes in the climate can be disastrous and may be responsible for the casualties. Before happening anything wrong with the people due to such natural curse, security personnel should transfer the people from affected area to other place where they can get shelter till the end of the storm, earthquake, heavy rain etc. Estimating the arrival of such natural calamity should be the purpose of environmental analyst & their team.

Illness is the common reason for the death of the people. Many people lose their life due to illness & lack of proper medical treatment. To tackle such type of casualties government of every country ensure that citizen should get clean & nit environment, water, food, medical facilities etc. to improve standard of living of its citizen. Such kind of facilities would be helpful to improve the immune system of human being & cure their diseases as per the treatment required. There should be investment in the medical science to find out drugs & vaccines required to tackle different diseases.

Sudden death is the result of accident happened on road, while travelling through train, fire catch in building, suffocation happen in crowd etc. To prevent accident on road or train track good traffic convenience should be provided to the travellers.


Roads or tracks should be constructed with the good technology & signals of precautions should be set up wherever it is necessary. To protect any building or place from fire, proper fire safety precautions should be provided in that building or place.

Always be connected with fire brigade to get their services as an when it is required on priority basis. Now, somewhere it can be a danger of suffocation or stampede at crowded place where people gather for the common purpose. At such places security personnel should be appointed to give directions to crowd for avoiding any expected accident.

To secure life it is necessary to take care of it with required precautions.



Yogesh M Gajbhiye

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