Scope means the span or the converge. In other words, scope of a subject projects the idea of the entire gamut of the study. It is the subject-matter. For a common man, salesmanship might mean a simple task of selling goods and services. However, salesmanship as a subject is a science and art and has reached the status of a rewarding and challenging profession. Sales of goods cover sale of consumer, industrial and agricultural goods. Such sales might be local, regional, national or international. These may be based on demand or demand be created first and then goods are produced in anticipation of demand. ‘Sale’ covers, to say, sale of intangible products namely services which may be consumer or industrial, individual or institutional. It is salesmanship institutional. It is salesmanship, like advertising and publicity, which has its creative and tactics to relate to the relevant consumers.

“Salesmanship” means “successful salesmanship”. Modern salesmanship works on the statement, “Salesmen are made than born”. Hence, the subject matter of salesmanship covers the development of good sales — personality by giving knowledge of self, his products and services, his competitors and customers. The responsibility of the sales organisation is ever increasing and it starts with recruitment, continued by training, placement, direction, motivation, coordination and ends with control. Salesmanship encompasses the strategies and the tactics of creating, extending and maintaining sound relations with higher ups within the organisation and with the immediate outside world, namely, customers and intermediaries.

In a nutshell, salesmanship of today, has not remained an act of ‘cheating’ as it was thought in the past. It is a highly specialised and creative activity known as a respectable profession. Today, salesmen are known as the ‘buying agents’ or the ‘purchase counsellors’ for the consumers. It implies that the scope of salesmanship is really vast which is expanding still fast as the business conditions have changed. It is ‘one-to-one’ selling effort and salesmanship is not against the weapons of impersonal selling to make it more vigorous and active and result oriented. Thus, advertising, publicity and sales-promotions support salesmanship and vice-versa. The latest researches conducted by experts have clearly demonstrated that salesmanship will be the man-stay of marketing efforts