School Life is the happiest and most interesting part in man’s life. It is the school life where he is educated, learn manners, and it is the place where he builds his future.

School life is full of fun and friends. It is the only part in which there is no tension or pressure in a man’s head. Man gains knowledge and respect from his school life. He also gets the confidence to build a secure and successful future for him and for his family.

The only thing that he has to do is just concentrate in his studies and if he does so then he is a successful and respectful person.


Some steps to make studies fun and easy:-

  1. Take studies as games. Think like it is football game where you have to goal.
  2. Think the goal as the aim of your life and you have to put the ball in the goal.
  3. Study for at least two to three hours but with full concentration.
  4. Never give-up.
  5. Just remember that if you are scoring bad marks than you are not in form so just try to make your form better.
  6. Always remember that ‘study is fun’.