We all know that many people are involved in taking care of disadvantaged children, like parents, teachers, and various professionals. Contribution of parents and teachers is very important in bringing up such children.

1. Parents should accept the deficiency of the child.

2. They should not take the child as a bur­den or their own inadequacy.

3. The child should not be given security more than necessary.


4. The child should be trained from the beginning to be self-reliant.

5. The child should be treated like other children of the household.

6. They should see that the child should not develop inferiority complex.

7. They should recognise their kid’s poten­tial, talent and provide him training and education in that field.


8. They should help him to adjust in the society.

9. They should provide him vocational train­ing.

School also plays important role in the bringing up of the child. It imparts necessary education and skill so that the child makes his life worthy. Psychologists favour integrated edu­cation. They insist on sending disadvantaged child to the same school where normal children study. School should accept such children.

1. Teachers should be trained especially to deal with such children.


2. Environment of the school should be such so that the other children also ac­cept these children.

3. Building of the school should be handicapped-friendly so that they don’t find any difficulty in moving from one place to another.

4. All the necessary equipments should be in the school for their education.

5. Various activities should be organised for such children so that they also feel just like other children.


6. They should not be treated partially or should not be over protected. They should be treated equal with other children.

7. Vocational education and training should be imparted to them along with educa­tion to make them self-dependent.

8. Facilities for healthy recreation should be provided by the school to them. Life of disadvantaged children can be made better and worthy if combined efforts are made by various institutions, parents, teachers and professionals to take care of such children at every level. Aim of such efforts should be to make them self-reliant, self-con­fident person with a positive attitude who can contribute for the betterment of the society.