It doesn’t take any wise, intelligent or foolish person to notice this. Religion is becoming more of a company divided to many defecting squadrons. As a matter of fact, every week or month a new one appears. Just what is the cause of this unruly and immoral behavior?

The sun, moon and stars shine to everybody on earth. No single day will we have the sun in Africa, or Europe alone. Same applies to our religions. How comes, yet we all worship the same God and believe in Him. Man claims to be very intelligent, I would be happy if the person who said those words would explain to us what it meant.

People everywhere are running from one religion to another. If one is not satisfying, probably the other would. At the end of the day they all seem tired and lack something in there life.  Why? Why all this fellow brethren?


You all seem to be worshipping religion rather than God. Will religion save you, or take you to heaven? Be mature, be intelligent, and think before making a decision that will take you from bad to worse. Sometimes we forget, we are just clay, and this world is a short leave from our home. We do not carry with us any religion to where we’ll go. Believe in God, and have faith.

This doesn’t mean am disregarding religion, am just saying that it shouldn’t control us. However, we have cases of people being fanatic.  These are small chaff found in between wheat (people). They rule everyone, and order people to follow them. That is false religion.

Any religion that forces people to follow it is false, and takes people to the wrong direction. Choice is based on each individual. Soon, and very soon, we’ll see these types. Some countries have already fallen prey, Croatia and Germany. Why allow this to occur, yet we have learned men in those countries?

It’s all based on ideas of the religion’s supreme leaders. When Jesus came on earth, He didn’t force anyone to follow Him. Rather, He gave someone a choice. The opposite actually happens. Trying to be a little discrete, I can say such a religion is all over the world. Its ruler is gaining power from our leaders. People who claim to have authority over our bodies, and minds. Luckily, they control our souls not.


Do not fear. Time will pass, and all we’ll be gone. Fanaticism causes death, cruelty, injustice, and so evil decisions which in the long run destroy him and all his accomplices.

Take heed, my fellow friends. Religion is not as sacred as some people think. It is not your Father in Heaven, it is of no value but similar to politics. I do not wish to see people suffer because of their beliefs, and someone’s ideas on who God is, nor what power he’s given. Since it began in Europe and is spreading, we are not far. Once it gets to the states, all other countries will follow because we are weak.  Our leaders lack morality, they cannot resist.

Take heed. Religion with fanaticism is no different than if politics were a religion.

The only thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Stay safe, and pray for one another in these end times. May God be with you all.



Schutzstaffel K. Stuttgart