There is a post office in almost every locality in a town or city. Every village tool has a post office. It is a very important building as it is the centre of all postal] activity in a locality and letters remain the most widely used mode of communication in India.

A post office is headed by a Post Master who looks after the working of the postal) department of the area. Working under him are several Postal Assistants who deal will the functions of the post office like:

1. Selling stamps and envelopes

2. Sending and receiving telegrams


3. Sending and receiving money orders

4. Administrative duties in the efficient running of the post office.

Postmen collect our letters from the post office and deliver those addressed to us in our homes. The letters we put in a letterbox are’ taken by postal vans to the post offices The letters are sorted out by postmen and sent to mailrooms. From here they are sent to their destinations by means of an aeroplane, train or bus.