Point out the new literary tendencies of naughty nineties


Following are the new literary tendencies of naughty nineties:

(i) Revival of the drama,

(ii) The Aesthetic Movement, associated with the names of Pater and Oscar Wilde, did much to wean literature away from the usual Victorian cult of, “art for life’s sake”, and to exalt the sense of beauty, especially of the literary form,


(iii) Movement or the revival of Irish literature in which Moore and Yeats played major roles,

(iv) In poetry some voices echoing the past could be heart, but mostly, the tendency was to make new experiments. This was also the case with the novel,

(v) The pessimistic tendency in the work of Hardy, Housman, Gissing, and other,

(vi) The cosmopolitan tendency, as contrasted with the narrowly nationalistic tendency of the earlier period.

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