Planning During Five Year Plans of regional development


The need for planning was felt when India achieved its independence in 1947. Consequently taking inspiration from the socialistic countries lie Soviet Union the Government decided to introduce the system of Five-Year Plans with broad objectives :(a) to increase national income, (b) to improve per capita income, (c) to expand employment opportu­nities, (d) to reduce inequalities of income and wealth, and concentration of economic power, (e)to eradicate poverty, (f) to raise agricultural produc­tion, (g) to industrialise the economy, (h) to achieve balanced regional development, and (i) to achieve self-reliance so as to minimize the dependence on the foreign aids.

Although the priorities under indi­vidual plans keep on changing depending upon de­mands of the time, the basic objectives of the plan­ning, viz., growth, modernization, self-reliance and social justice are almost fixed.

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