Notes on various sources of fats



Fat is an essential constituent of our diet. We cook our food with the help of some frying medium i.e. oil, butter or some such thing. These things are fat. Fat contains Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Proportion of this constituent is different from that of the carbohydrates although the constituent elements are the same.


Fat has more caloric values as compared to carbohydrates. It produces heat, which is responsible for the movement of the muscles. Those persons who take up a heavy manual work need more of fat as compared to others.

Sources of Fat

We get fat out of the following sources –



The fat that we get from the animals is either through their milk or their meat. Following things are animal fat -Ghee, Butter, Cream, Curd, Cheese, Fish, Meat with the element of fat in Cod liver oils etc.


From vegetables also we get fat. It is of the following types – vegetables oil, olive oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, and vegetable margarine.



It is a type of food but less energy giving. It is formed out of oils, fat of the animals as well as the vegetables. It is less efficient so far as element of vitamin is concerned.

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