Notes on the significance of the study of Clothing and textiles



Clothing means, anything that is used for covering oneself, with a purpose to provide warmth, beauty, fashion and decency. Clothing came into existence from a very early age. The primitive people made their clothing from skin of animals, feathers, bark or leaves of trees and also sometime with the beads of different stones and metals. With the progress of the human race, advancement in science and technology, to fulfill the desire/ requirement of clothing, countries like India, China and Egypt started the manufacture of what we call ‘textiles’ today.



Textile is the study of fibers, yarns, construction of fabrics and finishes. The chief textile fibers are: cotton, wool, silk and linen. Our knowledge of the early development of textiles is very meager because there are few written records. Textiles were first developed as a means for carrying food, as mass in shelter and later used as clothing.

Although clothing and textiles are important to every household but the knowledge of fabrics seems to be somewhat sketchy. An understanding of fabrics is of great importance, specially in today’s world, where so much stress is being given to the decency and get up of the individuals; the manner in which one is being dressed, colour, type and size of the outfit are also taken into consideration. Hence, understanding of fabrics is required, which involves knowledge of fibers, constructions and finishes in addition to familiarity with the various types of textile fibers.


A study of textiles will give an understanding, why certain fabrics are more durable and therefore more serviceable for specific purposes. It enables one to understand the reasons why certain fabrics make cool wearing apparel as well as give an impression of coolness when used as decoration. Complete knowledge of clothing and textiles will facilitate an intelligent appraisal of standards and brands of merchandise and will develop the ability to distinguish quality in fabrics and in turn to appreciate the proper use for the different qualities. Clothes do not necessarily make the person but they do go a long way towards building up a feeling of confidence and well-being of a good personality. Therefore, housewives should have knowledge of clothing and textiles to get the best out of it.


Fiber: Which is either spun (or twisted) into yam or else directly compressed into fabric.

Yarn: Which is woven, knitted, or otherwise made into fabric?

Fabric: By which various finishing processes become finished consumer’s goods.



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