Measures of Family Planning

Several suggestions which can go a long way to overcome the problems hindering the family planning programme in a country like ours are as under:

1. Publicity:

The message of family planning should reach to the masses. People should be ensured that no device of family planning is harmful. T.V., Radio, Cinema and other media sources can do a good job in this regard.

2. Fall in Infant Mortality Rate:


Infant and maternity mortality rates should be brought down. Efforts should be made for good diet, effective medicines, cleanliness, vaccinations against epidemics, drinking water, etc.

3. Spread of Education:

More and more people should be imparted education facilities. Women should get more employment opportunities so as to raise their social status. People should be made more conscious about health and family welfare.

4. Better Motivation for Family Planning Staff:


Doctors, nurses, and other para-medical staff engaged in family planning programme should be given more facilities; to motivate eligible couples. They must be employed on regular basis and on proper pay-scales.

5. Late Marriage:

Cult of late marriage should be spread among men and women to counter the effects of early marriage.

6. Facilities of Family Planning:


Hospitals in urban and rural areas should have satisfactory arrangements of family planning facilities. Large number of Family Planning centers should be set up. These centers should make available, either free or at very low cost, contraceptives to the people.

7. Coordination with Family Welfare Programme:

Family Planning programme should be coordinated with family welfare programme: It implies that proper care should be taken of the health of the mother and the child.

8. Financial Assistance.


By way of incentive, financial assistance should be given to those families who adopt any of the birth control devices like tubectomy or laparoscopic operations.

9. Cheap and Effective Methods:

Cheap, effective and useful methods of birth; control should be evolved so that people may take full advantage of the same.