Long Questions

1. What is infection ? Explain the modes of restraining infection.

2. What is infection and explain the sources and modes of infection.

3. What is disinfection ? Explain the types of disinfection in detail.


4. Write an essay on air transmitted diseases.

5. Discuss the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of malaria.

6. Discuss the symptoms, treatment and prevention of cholera and dysentery.

7. Write an essay on air transmitted diseases.


8. Discuss the symptoms, treatment and prevention of typhoid.

9. What are the causes and signs, symptoms of cholera ? Explain its restraints of contamination.

10. Discuss the treatment and prevention of typhoid and malaria.

11. How enteric fever occurs ? Explain the signs, symptoms and mode of spread of this disease.


12. Write in detail about polio myelitis.

13. What do you mean by AIDs ? State the signs and symptoms of it.

14. Write an essay on AIDs and mention the dietary recommendations for AIDs patient. Short Questions

15. Short Notes on


(a) Disinfectants

(b) Mumps

(c) Diseases transmitted through air

(d) Incubation period


(e) Chain of infection

(f) Modes of infection

(g) Indirect transmission of infection

(h) Isolation


(i) Notification

(j) Quarantine

(k) Natural disinfectants

(l) Signs and symptoms of cholera

(m) Amoebic dysentery

(n) Prevention of measles

(o) Complications of mumps

(p) Modes of transmission of AIDs.

(q) Signs and symptoms of AIDs.

(r) Treatment of AIDs

(s) Prevention of AIDs.

16. Distinguish between

(a) Dysentery and Cholera

(b) Water borne diseases and air borne diseases

(c) Measles and mumps

(d) Source of infection and modes of infection

(e) Isolation and notification

(f) Natural disinfectants and chemical disinfectants.