Kiran’s Common Error in English – A Must Read Book for All Aspirants


It is general said that subtleness is the foundation of success. In today’s world of competition, seeking opportunity by faring in competitive examinations has really become indisputably a tough affair.

In this context, the importance of English, as a subject, is undeniable. Not only for the sake of examinations, but just to master English, one should have the knowledge of good and apt English, correct standard of written English, proper art of conversation and application of correct dialogue, as well as personal development, which all pose as a stairway of qualities towards sound English proficiency.

An outstanding book that helps aspirants in their successful preparation for competitive exams


In order to test the knowledge of English Language in various competitive examinations, questions are set in several patterns to ascertain one’s understanding of the language. Among the various patterns, one is related to the topic of Common Errors. Having essential knowledge in Grammar, we learn to read and write as well as talk correct English. Due to the presence of various topics in Grammar and the host of rules that are related to those topics, we somehow miss to explore the correct usage of English.

In this book, all these topics have been widely discussed with explanations and examples for better grasp of the minute differences that appear in examinations and which restrain us from dealing with those questions related to Common Errors. The explanations which have been given at the end of each chapter, are in all way helpful to understand each and every problem with clarity and thus sharpen the edge of knowledge.

Salient Features of the Book

I. This book has been divided into two parts. The first part contains several topics of English Grammar, which are classified into 14 different chapters. Each chapter discussed a topic at length. The second part consists of Model Question Papers.


II. In each of the 14 chapters, concepts about the Fundamental and Basic Principles/Rules have been provided. Simultaneously, while discussing the various aspects of the chapter, several related examples have been provided. The variety of the questions tells the tale of the nature of related examples have been provided. The variety of the questions tells the tale of the nature of questions asked in competitive exams.

III. Each chapter is essentially supplemented with a ready reckoner, which helps in understanding and recapitulating the basic rules at a glance.

IV. Each chapter is supplemented with a number of questions based on the topic discussed. The questions may have Error in one part and you are required to find out that error.

V. The questions have been explained adequately, which help you understand the root cause of the error.


VI. Model Question papers help in understanding the overall genre of topics and thereby assist in developing a solid and sound knowledge of the topic of discussion.

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