Information on Spatial Pattern of electricity


The development of hydro-electric power is not uniform throughout the country. Andhra Pradesh ranks first in the installed capacity of hydro-electric power (12.25% of India), followed by Karnataka (11.02%), Maharashtra (10.76%), Tamil Nadu (7.47%), Punjab (8.99%), Orissa (7.05%) and Kerala (6.77%) etc.

These 7 states together provide 64% of the installed capacity and 56% hydel generation of the country. There has been more development of hydel power in the southern region of the country than in the western, northern, eastern and north­eastern regions. Four southern states (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala) together provide 38 per cent of the total installed capacity and 29% of generation of hydroelectricity in the coun­try. The share of states in the northern power grid is about 27 per cent (installed capacity) and 30 per cent (generation) of the national output.

Three states (Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh) con­tribute about 17 per cent of the total installed capac­ity and 13 per cent of the hydel generation of the country. The position of eastern and north-eastern power grid states is still weaker in respect of in­stalled capacity (8 per cent and 2 per cent) and hydel generation (6.3% and 1 per cent). This disparity needs urgent energy planning to accelerate the pace of development in these backward areas. Table 16.XVII and figure 16.6 present a list of important hydro-electric projects with their installed capacity in various states of the country.

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