Information on some important Terms And Definitions Related To Fire


(i) Ignition temperature:

The minimum temperature to which a material must be heated in order to initiate or cause self sustained combustion independent of heating element.

(ii) Lower explosion or flammability limit:


Minimum concentration of vapour in oxygen below which the propagation of flame will not occur in the presence of an ignition source.

(iii) Flammable (explosive) limits:

Mixture of vapour or gas with air which if ignited will just propagate flames.

(iv) Sweating:


Is a process rescuing human being from heat strokes?

(v) Body burns:

30% of body gets burnt and survival is difficult.

(vi) Fire Severity:


The condition of the fire which is related to its potential to create maximum temperature & duration of the burning.

Damage caused to material is proportioned to fire severity.

Fire severity depends on.

I. Nature of fire


Total heat content, rate of burning.

II. Amount of fuel.

III. Arrangement of fuel.

IV. Size & shape of room containing the fire.


V. Size & shape of the window.

VI. Size & shape of room.

VII. Thermal insulation of walls & ceilings. Specific heat, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusely.

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