In what ways is the Rajya Sabha expected to play a special role in today’s changing political scenario?


India’s modern independent political history is of recent development and is full caste, religion and region based. This is not ideal politics, for socio-economic development.

Lok Sabha being the popular house of parliament is directly elected through universal franchise, has become a platforms of political games.

In such a situation, Rajya Sabha being a permanent body, comprising of senior citizen having good academic and knowledgeable background are supposed to be less politicised unlike Lok Sabha.


It has a great significance in a Federal Country and even in situations of today, it has achieved more significance.

When the Lok Sabha passes any act, Rajya Sabha acts as a revising body. It considers various provisions of the act, peacefully and do not allow changes in law in heat of a momentary passion, by reconsideration.

It can, empower the Lok Sabha to enact, in national interest on any matter enumerated in the state list under Article 249.

It discusses questions of some importance which is left over by Lok Sabha due to paucity of time and thus it draws the attention of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha though has no power to alter money bill but it can draw attention of the Lok Sabha. Opinions of respected members of Rajya Sabha are given great importance in practice, by politicians alsoThus in today’s fast going politics, Rajya Sabha acts to balance and direct politics towards national importance.

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