Today life depends on science. It moves on the wheels of science. Due to science many latest technologies come out in the world and these technologies have become a part of man’s life like cell phones, laptops, computers, Lcd etc.

Everyman finds the pleasure in these things. But can a person find a true pleasure in these luxuries usages? No, these things just give the provisional happiness. We can just find the true joy in nature. Nature is an only thing which can give us true seventh heaven forever. But no one have time to stare and think about the beautiful things created by nature.

Today human’s life is going very fast. He is going very far away from God so his life is becoming meaningless day by day. If a person gives happiness to other person, his life can become a fortunate thing but when a person abases other, abashes other, abuses others and talk to a person very rudely his life can never become advantage. It is just only curse for him.


But some questions arise in our mind that how a human life become boon or bane? Who punish them? How it happens? Where is God? How this earth developed? Why everyone have different nature?

Even scientists have no answer of all that. But everybody just knows if we want happiness then we have to give gladness to others and if we do bad deeds then we have to pay for it. Can we get ‘Moksh’ with meditation like ‘Saints’? If yes then our life would be entirely modify and if no then it remains same as nuisance.

Today every person is short tempered and self-centered. Nobody have time to think about others and care about others emotions and feelings. Everyone is filled with conceit and pride. Even our relatives, friends and nearest dearest all are self-seeking. A person can also become his life godsend by serving their parents because only parents are the way to meet with ‘God’.

But now this is a very gloomy trend that is prevailing these days to send their parents to old age home. This is happening in our country India where we regard as long years ago of Shravan Kumar who carried his blind parents on his shoulders. What an all-encompassing change. I am in opposition to such behavior of sending old parents or in-laws to old age homes. We must always keep in mind one thing. If not for those souls we would not have acquired the life we are enjoying. It is pitiable to see the old parents craving for the love of their children and grand children.


One more thing we should realize is we will also become aged one day and what will happen if we are given a similar treatment. We should treat our parents and in-laws with worship and courtesy. Let us abolish this trend of sending them to old age homes because they are not less than God, they are living Gods, “God is an invisible parent and Parents are visible God”. So, if you worship, respect and bothered for visible Gods, imperceptible parent will always take care of you.

Nobody knows where is a nightmare or paradise? But our ancestors say that person who admiration and serve their parents and do not offer them sorrow he always goes to dreamland. Their life is just getting ‘Moksh’.

Saman Preet Kaur