How to calculate range Individual Series?

Individual Series.

In case of individual Series, the difference between largest value and smallest value can be determined and it is called range.



(i) It is rigidly defined.

(ii) It is simple to understand even by an ordinary man.

(iii) It is very easy to calculate.

(iv) It consumes least possible time to be calculated.


(v) Its calculation is not affected even if some items in the middle part of the series are missing.


(i) It does not take into consideration all the items of a series.

(ii) In case of open end series range cannot be calculated unless lower limit of tilt lowest class and the upper limit of the highest class are determined by estimation.


(iii) It does not take into account the frequencies of the distribution.

(iv) It is not capable of further algebraic treatment.

(v) It is greatly affected by the fluctuations in sampling. Fields where Range is Specially Applicable