It cannot be denied that Byron was one of the greatest pioneers of romanticism. “He was one of the chief forces which made a breach for romanticism in the fortress walls of custom a, prejudice.” As a matter of fact, no one made the romantic taste in poetry so popular as Byron He rebelled against all conventions, social, political or religious.

Byron’s poetry is marked by large and sweeping imagination and a grand rush of passions these two qualities make his poetry romantic. Byron stands from on the present with its manifold problems and varied interests. It is true that he sometimes goes to the historic past to feel the pathos of the, “days that are no more”.

But he is most at home when he is dealing with the present. He possesses strong and vivid senses of delineating the present. “Of all the grew poets of the time, Byron presents the curious and piquant combination of an ardent roman” imagination, and an intellect and outlook essentially worldly and matter-of fact.