Here is your short note on providing First Aid


First aid is that treatment which is given, while waiting for the doctor to come. It is immediate and temporary care, given to the victim of an accident or sudden illness. It is never meant to replace qualified professional care.

It is only designed to make the victim, comfortable until help arrives. It is a help, which calms the victim’s fears and reduces any chance of further injury. If a person is bleeding, further loss of blood is immediately stopped.

If a bone is broken, the area is immobilized and the patient is put at rest. In case of convulsion, the patient is protected from injuring himself. If poison has been swallowed, either the poison is removed or it is neutralized without delay.


“First Aid is essentially limited to the assistance, rendered at the time of the emergency with such material as may be available. It is not intended that the first aider should take the place of a doctor and it must be clearly understood that the re-dressing of injuries and other such after-treatment arc outside the scope of first Aid.”

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