Get complete information on Multiple Roles and Role Set


It is important to note that one person can occupy more than one role. For example, in the field of kinship, one holds many roles at the same time. In our society, we find that people have several roles in other areas of social life than kinship. Such as, other than being a son or daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife, father or mother, etc., you are a college student, the citizen of your nation, member of some sporting club. Playing of many roles by an individual is termed as multiple roles.

A role set, on a other hand, is a cluster of two or more roles that are reciprocal, that are tied together in such a way that they must be enacted in interaction with one another such as your role as a student is reciprocal to teacher, librarian, fellow-students and principal and peon of your college. Roles in a role set are reciprocal in that the rights of one role are the obligations of the other or others. A teacher has the right to examine students and students have the obligation to be examined.

Norms and Values


Every culture contains a large number of guidelines which direct conduct in a particular situation. Such guidelines are known as Norms.

A norm is a specific guide to action which defines acceptable and appropriate behaviour in a particular situation. Norms are enforced by positive and negative sanction which may be formal or informal. The sanctions which enforce norms are major part of the mechanism of social control, which are concerned with maintaining order in society.

Unlike norms which provides specific directive for conduct, values provide more general guidelines. A value is a belief that something is good and desirable. It defines what is important worthwhile and worth striving for. The variety of norms concerned with the health and safety of members of society can be seen as expression of the value placed on human life.

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