1. History does not prove its universality:

History does not prove adequately the universality of such families among the primitive people. Both the types of family, i.e., patriarchal and matriarchal prevailed simultaneously.

2. State came into existence as a result of various factors:

It is difficult to conclude that the state developed out of the primitive family. Other forces and elements besides patriarchal and matriarchal relations also played their role in the evolution of political organization.


Thus both the patriarchal and the matriarchal theories undertake to perform too huge a task. They try to probe into the origin of human society.

3. Theory explains the origin of the family rather than the State:

Both the theories try to explain the origin of the family, rather than of the state. It is wrong to assume that the state is the family writ large. The state and the family are, as a matter of fact, quite distinct.

They are, in the words of Garner, quite different “in essence, organization, func­tions and purpose”.


4. Incorrect to regard matriarchal society as oldest form of Social Organization:

It is wrong to assert that matriarchal family was the original social unit. Both types of a family existed side by side but mostly there was patriarchal society in the world.