Energy Conservation Tips In Front Office


(i) Group of rooms being served by the same source of energy during lean seasons. Unrented rooms should be switched off.

(ii) Switch off lights in unused areas.

(iii) Display lighting in shopping should be reduced.


(iv) When room is vacant, light should be switched off.

(v) Reduce lighting level to the minimum in public areas.

(vi) Keep draperies closed to minimize solar heat.

(vii) Tinting of glasses should be done.


(viii) Switch off HVAC equipment for areas not in use.

(ix) Good door closing mechanism should be provided & maintained.

(x) Proper air lock at the main entry of air conditioned rooms should be provided.

(xi) All public toilets should be checked for leakage.


(xii) Proper insulation should be provided where heat transfer is not desired.

(xiii) Regroup lighting circuits which are mostly used in night.

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