Education and hobbies are two different phases of a student’s life. Education is something which teach you values of life.It gives you a roadway to move towards the success.Without education most of the time we cannot make right decision of our life.It teach us how to grab knowledge in different fields. In the same way education helps to judge our interests and hobbies too. Education and hobbies are actually linked with each other. But now things are different;our education and hobby competing with each other. At last one wins.

For people who have very good interest in their creativity and which gives them different identity they really want to get achievement through their hobbies .We can define hobby as a practice for interest and enjoyment, rather than financial reward. This thing mostly does not allow so many parents to support their child for his or her interest. Sometimes their will so many critical situations in life which drag us away from our wishes to become something different.

The only thing which we have to do is to focus on our aim and analyse ourselves properly that what we want from our life.we should take decision which makes our life systematic and gives a positive light to our achievements.

by Madhur Makhija