Complete Information on The Mathura-Delhi-Saharanpur-Ambala Region


This industrial region owes its development to the post-independence period. It has the advan­tage of the proximity of the national capital; avail­ability of cheap raw materials like sugarcane, raw cotton, sands, wheat bran; nearness of large market and regular supply of power (from Faridabad and Harduaganj thermal power plants, from Bhakra Nangal grid and from Yamuna Hydro Power Projects).

This region spreads in two separate belts running in north-south direction between Faridabad and Ambala in Haryana and Mathura and Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. These belts merge into a large industrial cluster around Delhi.

The capital city has predomi­nance of engineering, electronic, chemical, glass, textile and consumer industries. Modinagar (textile, soap and engineering industries), Ghaziabad (syn­thetic fiber, chemicals, electronics, pharmaceuti­cals, agricultural implements, cycle tire and tube etc.), Shahdara (hosiery), Modipuram (automobile tire), Faridabad (engineering), Firozabad (glass), Gurgaon (automobile), Muradnagar (ordinance fac­tory), Meerut (sugar, distillery), Mohanagar (bever­age, alcohol), and Mathura (oil refining) are other important industrial centers of the region. NOIDA is emerging as a great industrial complex in the region.


The formation of the national capital region has given further boost up to the industrial development in this area.

Delhi metropolitan region is located far away from the fuel (coal and petroleum) and mineral resources.

This is made up through rail and road transport. Efforts are being made to lay down pipe­lines to transport petroleum products from the west coast. The region is facing the problem of environ­mental pollution, especially in the city of Delhi. Accordingly the NCR has chalked out plans to shift a number of polluting industries from the capital city.

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