Complete information on Production and Trade of Magnesite in India


Magnesite (MgC03) is an important mineral used as a refractory material in steel industry, in making bricks arid liquid carbon dioxide.


Magnesite (MgCo3) is a mineral associated with ultra-basic igneous rocks or dolomitic lime­stones. The mineral formed from igneous rocks is amorphous in nature whereas that originating from dolomite is crystalline. Magnesite is largely used as a refractory material in steel industry, in making bricks and liquid carbon dioxide.



India produced 1.19 lakh tonnes of magnesite valued at Rs. 1.86 millions in 1951. There was gradual increase in the production which reached its peak of 5.4 lakh tonnes valued at Rs. 355.99 millions in 1992-93. The production dropped clown to 3.34 lakh tones in 1994-95 but had witnessed some recovery in recent years (production in 1996-97 being 3.77 lakh tones). shows trends of magnesite production in India from 1951 to 2002-03.

Regional Distribution

Tamil Nadu is the largest producerof magnesite contributing 74.1 per cent of the country’s produc­tion. Next in order comes Uttaranchal (19.49%) followed by Karnataka (6.30%) and Rajasthan (0.10%).


Tamil Nadu-In Tamil Nadu the Chalk Hills in Salem district produces the largest quantity of magnesite in the country. Here deposits are spread over an area of 18.13 km2 with estimated reserves at 82.5 million tons (mineral content46-48%). These deposits are being worked out by Burn and Com­pany, Salem Magnesite Ltd., Dalmia Magnesite Ltd. and TISCO.

Karnataka-Here Dodkanya and Dokatur ar­eas in M/sore district are very important. Less important deposits occur near Sinduvalli, Solepur, Navinapalli, Burnpur, Kupya and Kollegal. Inferior quality of mineral occurs near Holenarsipur, Sunnahat, Hosur, Dodkadnur, Kabbur, Idegondanehalli and Haradnur in Hassan district. Small deposits have also been discovered in Coorg and Bellary districts.

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