Complete information on Pre-requisites for Multi-level Planning


The primary task of the multi-level planning is related with the formulation of a comprehensive regional plan which could take into account the economic, social and environmental requirements of the area. It requires both intra-regional and inter­regional integration whose strategy will vary in different parts of the country. Following are the prerequisites that need to be established to enable a multi-level planning process to take off (Sundaram, 1999, p. 47).

(i) Familiarising the sub-state levels about the broad policies, goals and objectives of the proposed state plan and its various sartorial strategies, priori­ties and targets, so that the local plans would be consistent with the frame work of the state plan,

(ii) Defining a devolution package with ad­equate administrative, technical and financial pow­ers to the various levels, covering the 29 subjects in the Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution.


(iii) Disaggregation and transfer of plan funds to Block Panchayats, village Panchayats, and urban local bodies on appropriate criteria,

(iv) Establishing District Planning Commit­tees (DPCs) and Metropolitan Planning Committees (MPCs), as mandated in the 74th amendment of the Constitution.

(v) Establishing suitable supporting mecha­nisms for planning, coordination and participation, and operationlising the decentralized planning proc­ess according to methodology,

(vi) Making various administrative arrange­ments for:


(a) Establishing a time-bound planning process,

(b) Integrating the district plans into the State Plan,

(c) Organising the personnel in the local bodies for better performance and ac­countability,

(d) Budgetary control and other related matters,


(e) Review, monitoring and evaluation of plans, and

(vii) Making various administrative arrange­ments for the training of both officials and non- officials,

The above preconditions demand both insti­tutional as well as administrative changes, which will be highly challenging to fully materialise and become operational. The States are still struggling to establish these pre-requisites. The most difficult aspect of the mythology here is ensuring the people’s participation. The people here mean, not only the elected bodies and the officials, but also experts (academics), volunteers and the mass people.

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