Complete information on Paradeep Port (Orissa)


Paradeep Port is a deep water (depth 12 m) and all- weather port at 100 km east of Cuttack. The port has the deepest harbour in the country capable of han­dling bulk carriers of over 60,000 dwt. The port has one iron one berth, one general cargo berth and a mooring buoy berth. The iron ore berth is equipped with a mechanical ore handling plant with a rated capacity of 2,500 tons per hour.

The annual capac­ity of this plant is being increased to 4 million tons in addition to the establishment of mechanised coal handling facility at the port. The port is well con­nected through rail lines and roads (NH 5A) with different parts of Orissa. The port handled 11.58 million tons of cargo traffic during 1996-97 which is expected to increase to 33.46 million tons by 2002 AD.

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